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Experience the most advanced wire trigger, pan less box traps available for animal damage control. All Cages come With a One Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects.
Comstock Custom Cage LLC
125 Washburn Rd.
Gansevoort NY 12831
By Phone: 518-792-2371
By Cell: 518-258-7471
The leader in humane, live, cage traps, Comstock combines the most advanced traps and accessories with the most advanced methods in a system of bait less trapping that can turn even a "first timer" into a "pro".
Trap made it in today-- wow, this is the neatest and most versatile trap I own. From a one way exclusion door, to a traditional double door trail trap, flush mount to chuck or skunk hole, or just a single door. Doesn’t get any better than that!- Jason

I had to set up at least 6 roof jobs this week for coon . Just because conventional set ups weren't working. Some of them were I was using your 30 single door . But ended up on the roof to clean up . What a great trap . People look at the set and wonder how's that going to work . I love it. Keep building . :)- Tim Albright

Had a ball chasing mushrats this past winter and spring and it seems that just as soon as I came
out of the marsh the phone starts ringing...nuisance this ...nuisance that. Took a large woodchuck out of it's hole first day, a smaller one the second day. Third check got this raccoon in the 18 inch. Pertty cool picture.- Scott Auburn, NY

Ordered traps late in the day on July 11. They were here when I got home on July 16. Great service again as usual. Traps look great! Thanks- Stan

Thanks Jim and Judy for the great hospitality, piña colada , and the well built traps I got from you guys last weekend... Set 3 traps and had 3 coons... Can't get much better than that! I will be in touch! Take care!- Jeremy Ballantine

That’s a $300 smile. Two supers on each side of a cross-over in a Comstock trap. Thanks, Fred
Six nights on one beaver pond one trap 4 beavers. 2 were 60 lbs -2 were 30-35 lbs. Western MA. For your testimonial page. I was awarded ma sportsman of the year in April 2012.- Don
Just a note on your traps, Set both traps on Friday for a nuisance job. Due to the high amount of rain that we have had in the last few weeks there was no visible sigh of beavers but the Department of Highways ensured me that there were beavers in the area and they wanted them gone. They had removed the dam 4 times over the summer. With the water level dropping about 6” each day I sat the traps with the tops just above the water. One was set on it’s side and the other upside down as per the video on you tube. They were both swim through sets lured with castor. Saturdays check produced no beaver but there was also no sign that any beavers had been in the area. Sunday’s check produced a kit in the trap that was set upside down and no sign of beavers at the other set.

The traps worked just great. They were easy to set and seem to work exactly as advertised. There is no doubt that I will be ordering some more in the future. Thanks Again- Laurie

Bought one of your traps with John earlier this summer. Works great!I can catch the woodchucks getting into my garden without concern of catching a cat in a le-gripping trap. Ken, NY

I have enclosed photos of a male bobcat taken first check. Cage was set just inside a culvert on its side, as seen in photos. It’s also an excellent coon trap as I’m sure you know. You have an excellent product, thank you so much for the trap.- Richard, Colorado

Used the cage for the first time on Tuesday. Caught first groundhog in a few hours, reset and came back later in the afternoon and had a second!
I expect another this morning. Had cages out with bait prior to this with no captures. I’m a believer !
John K.- New Jersey

We just purchased a dozen Comstock live traps, and already they are making an impact on our business. We have been able to humanely capture two trap-smart raccoons within 24 hours of our set. This innovative trap can be set in a diverse number of positions including sideways and vertically. These traps are worth their weight in gold!- Dave Kugler, President Critter Catchers, Inc, Michigan

Jim, I thought I would drop you a line and let you know that I am in love with your new cage traps. I have been hammering the skunks and groundhogs with them. No bait or lure needed and the Comstock Cage with the nosecone is faster and easier to set than even a bodygripper. Will be ordering more soon.- Adam, Iowa

I am sold and have ordered more Comstock Cages. Thanks for making such a leap in the trap field for all of us to benefit from! Al, Michigan

I have been more than happy with the trap. It is much more functional than I first thought and now that I have done it a few times, setting it is a breeze. It puts “gravity-fall” traps to shame.- Toby, Indiana

First night on the house cats, 4 traps. Three cats and one coon. This is after having safeguards set for over a month and messing with them since the first of the year. Taps are paid for already.- Travis, Indiana

Jim I just wanted to tell you, that’s one hell of a trap...I just caught 3 beaver and I don’t even know how to trap.”

Really trying to phase out all of the other brands and be a Comstock only company. Those traps really amaze my customers when they have hired another company and they can't catch the coon and I catch them with no bait.
Thanks again.- Aaron, California 

I just want u guys to know I have caught squirrel after squirrel in the traps u made me. I have set them vertical and horizontal. Ground squirrels flying squirrel reds and grey they have worked flawlessly.- Brian Jackson, Texas