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Experience the most advanced wire trigger, pan less box traps available for animal damage control. All Cages come With a One Year Warranty Against Manufacturer Defects.
Comstock Custom Cage LLC
125 Washburn Rd.
Gansevoort NY 12831
By Phone: 518-792-2371
By Cell: 518-258-7471
The leader in humane, live, cage traps, Comstock combines the most advanced traps and accessories with the most advanced methods in a system of bait less trapping that can turn even a "first timer" into a "pro".
Traps that “Catch, Hold and Hold-Up,” Comstock Live Traps do it all. Combining the most advanced animal live traps in the world with the most advanced trapping methods, Comstock remains the leader in live traps, the traps to which all others are compared. The most innovative Wire Trigger System, designed specifically for live traps, works in tandem with “Lightning Quick” Powered Doors. Remember, there is “No Wrong Way” to set a Comstock Live Trap as this is the only live trap that will function without issue when set in any position, right side up, upside down, sideways, even vertically. The swim through beaver live trap, actually performs best when set upside down and has no equal.

The goal of Comstock Custom Cage is to continue to produce the
most durable, reliable, professional grade of live cage traps in a very humane practical live trap that anyone can use with confidence. As inventor of the fastest wire triggered “full cycle” powered door cage traps in the industry, Jim developed a unique, patent pending, wire trigger system for live traps that allows even highly powered fast closing doors to fire and lock when set anywhere in any manner to take even the most trap wary animals. The powered doors on the live beaver trap help push a beaver into the trap when the trap is fired.

Jim’s trapping background comes from 46 years of experience from all across the country, first from his home in New York, then to Virginia, Alabama, California and other states, even Canada. His first encounter with live traps began in the early 1980’s where he learned the value in live trapping bobcat and raccoon, though live trapping beaver has remained his passion.

For the past
20 years Jim has been a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator in the foothills of the southern Adirondacks in upstate New York. First recognizing the need for a better beaver live trap, not only did he invent and produce these live cage traps himself, he was able to gain invaluable first hand experience using his own humane live traps to capture beavers, skunks, woodchucks, raccoons, squirrels and others in his daily routine.

Along with his wildlife business,
Jim has been a freelance writer for virtually all of the trapping publications since 1978, sharing dozens of how to articles on equipment of all kinds, reflecting a great diversity in experience from bobcats to beavers, armadillos to woodchucks with a passion for nothing less than excellence in equipment. Most recently Jim has written a number of articles sharing his knowledge of beaver live trapping with the live cage traps he makes. Besides articles on live trapping beaver, Jim has written articles on live trapping woodchucks and skunks.

With a love for creation in all things associated with trapping, Jim, Judy and daughter Callie live in their
Swedish Cope Log Cabin they built together by hand, furnished with some Adirondack furniture that Jim made. Rarely using “out of the box equipment,” it seemed a logical progression for Jim to begin making live cage traps for his nuisance wildlife business after having made or modified all sorts of traps for years.

Made in American with a full year warranty against manufacturer’s defects, Jim regularly adds new live traps and time saving accessories to the growing Comstock line of humane live cage traps that he uses along with many professionals, home owners and fur trappers from coast to coast.